Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prairie Lea Cemetery

I want to take great pictures.  I think my pictures are usually good, but I want them to look great.  Many of my friends can take great pictures.  When I look at their pictures it seems as if I am really there.  Like the person could jump right off the page.  I know it's best to use the manual mode on your camera and I've read the tips people have written.  Just last night I read tips on this website http://www.clickitupanotch.com/.

So today I decided to give manual mode a try again.  (I tried it once before after I took a mini lesson from photographer Scott Hill.)  I really enjoy reading Texas historical markers (Matt and I used to stop and read the historical markers when we were dating in high school...nerds) and that's where I started my picture taking.  I'm thinking that maybe I'll visit as many historical markers as I can and practice taking pictures at them. 

Brazos and I were driving by Prairie Lea Cemetery on our way home from eating lunch with my mom.  This cemetery has a beautiful enterance and I noticed that it had a historical marker.  We pulled over and started taking some pictures.  We didn't get too many for two reasons (1) my sidekick, Brazos was not being very patient with me and (2) manual mode drives me crazy!  I don't get it!!!  Anyways, here's a few of the pictures I took.  They're okay, but they're not great.  I guess I'll just have to keep trying.


  1. these are pretty good! what camera do you have?

  2. You just need to balance your shutter speed and aperture. Also, read up on what shutter speed to use when or what aperture. That depends on if you have a moving subject, how fast they are moving, etc.

  3. I think these images look great! Manual mode does take some getting use to...maybe we can setup a day and I can give you some pointers. Another thing that really makes a difference is lenses. The lens that normally comes with your camera won't give you the depth of field that you may be looking for in the final product. Plus there's also the ISO and white balance to take into consideration. But one thing to remember - not matter what camera you have - it's not the camera that makes the picture - it's the person behind it :)

  4. Great picutes...I really like the one of the angel. Also, come to my parents house...they have a historical marker (plus there are tons of other ones in Chappell Hill!).


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