Sunday, June 26, 2011

At the Park with Emma

Friday morning I got a text from my friend Alaina asking if we wanted to go to the park in the evening to ride the carousel.  I quickly agreed to go, because I'm getting so tired of being at home ALL THE TIME!  During the summer school is out so I 'm not substitute teaching.  My MOPS group doesn't meet in the summer, so that leaves us at home A LOT.  Any chance we get to go play with someone is a blessing.

We met Alaina, her mom, and her daughter, Emma, at the carousel around 6:45 in the evening.  Emma loved riding the horses, but Brazos wasn't enjoying it.  He rather sit on the benches and just watch others.  After a few rounds up and down, Emma said that she wanted to sit by Brazos.  Now I was sitting right next to them so I couldn't snatch a photo, but the next few moments were priceless.  Emma stretched her arms out and squeezed Brazos in a big hug.  Then she grabbed his face and planted a big wet kiss right onto his lips!  Brazos just sat in amazement.

The two kiddos also played on the play structures and both loved the slides.  Brazos even got into the hugging mood and gave another little girl that walked up to him and big hug and he flashed his pearly whites at her.  She just looked confused.  Emma and Brazos shared a few rides down the tunnel slide and got stuck in the middle.  We would yell, "Where are you?" and Emma replied, "We're right here!"  Some how she managed to push the two of them all the way to the bottom.  Once she even pushed Brazos right off the end and he did a nose dive into the dirt.

Alaina was a smart mommy and thought ahead to bring some snacks.  Emma and Brazos enjoyed juice boxes and fruit snacks together.  They even went for a walk holding hands (another moment my camera didn't catch).

We stayed at the park until 9:15, which probably isn't too safe, but it was a fantabulous evening!

Oh, and Alaina's mom even brought me three jars of her homemade pickles!  I'm craving pickles and green olives!  Yum yum!

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