Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sharing the Big Brother News

When you find out that you're going to be adding a new member to the family, you want to tell everyone in a memorable way.  Matt and I had known we were expecting a baby for four weeks, but the first doctor's visit didn't go as planned.  I had thought that I was eight weeks along, but the doctor had said that I was only four weeks.  The dates just didn't match up and the visit ended with, "Come back and see me in two weeks."   So two weeks later I was prepared for bad news, but after sitting in the doctors office for over an hour because he had an emergency at the hospital, then finally talking to him and going to the hospital for an ultrasound, finally it was all good news.  The ultrasound found our little bean and it measured right at eight weeks.  I even heard it's heartbeat, so I know it's really in there!

It was finally time to tell the good news to our family and friends!  I bought Brazos a t-shirt that said, "Arg! I'm the big brother, matey!"  So we dressed him in the shirt and whisked him off to visit his grandparents.

First we visited Matt's parents.  Nana was the first to see Brazos.  She shared a hug with him and showed him the "tick-tock" (a clock that he loves to listen to the ticking and bells ringing).  Then she read his shirt and thought nothing of it.  I glanced at Matt and he was holding back laughs.  Then I said, "Mrs. Supak, didn't you just read Brazos's shirt?"  She said, "Yeah."  I gave her a blank stare and then finally it clicked!  A smile came across her face and she said, "Oh!  Are you trying to tell me something?"  I was like, "Yes!"  She said that she thought that I had bought the shirt for my nephew, but it was too small I let Brazos wear it.

A few minutes later we visited Popo in the garage.  Nana said, "Matt's here.  Didn't you call him to help move the bath tub?"  (They are remodeling their bathroom and needed help moving the clawfoot tub.)  Popo looked a little confused, but went along with it.  Matt and Popo moved the bath tub, and then Nana told Popo to look at Brazos shirt.  Popo's eyes lit up and said, "That's a good reason to go eat Chinese food together!" 

So it was all good in the Supak household and we enjoyed dinner at the Chinese Buffet.

Now it was time to visit my parents which was a whirlwind of a trip.  We drove by my dad's work and he was still not back from driving his big truck.  Then we drove to church where my mom was supposed to be and it was empty.  We finally found her at Green Grain.  I called her and said that Brazos and I were coming to see her.  She thought we were coming to help her work, but she knew something was up when Matt came with us.  Brazos was sound asleep from a full stomach of Chinese food.  I said, "Brazos has something to show you, but he's sleeping."  She said, "Did he bump his head?"  I said, "No."  She then pried Brazos off of Matt and read his shirt.  Her smile showed her excitement!

Next we had to find my dad, so we tried his work place one last time and luckily he was there.  We drove up and rolled down the window and he said, "What are doing driving around this late?"  (It was nine o'clock at night.)  I said, "We are looking for you!"  My dad said, "Yeah right."  I said, "No, really!  We have something to show you."  Then I showed him the picture of the ultrasound.  He had a smile on his face.  We talked for a few minutes and told us "Congratulations" right before we left.  It was sweet.

To tell the news to other family and friends, we mailed a picture of Brazos wearing his shirt to them.  There was no way we could tell everyone in person!  Of course, we even shared the news on Facebook to make sure everyone was covered!

That's our little bean!

Ready to share the big brother news!

Showing Nana some love.

Oh!  Brazos enjoys opening and closing doors.
So he walked into Nana's bathroom and shut the door.
Nana said, "I hope he doesn't lock himself in."
Then we heard the lock turn!
Matt was trying to coach Brazos into unlocking the door.
Luckily he was only in there for about a minute.
Otherwise Nana would have had a room covered in
toilet paper and water from the toilet.

She's excited and she hasn't even seen the shirt yet.

Brazos has no clue what's going on.

Baby #2 is due around January 29th.  Only 7 months to go!

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  1. Congratulations Supak family!! This was so sweet and so exciting!!


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