Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We started celebrating Father's Day on Saturday evening at Aunt Barbara's house with a delicious fajita dinner.  The kids enjoyed swimming and playing in the dirt.  The adults just sat around and talked and watched a video of Uncle Veryl singing "Hello Mother, Hello Father" from his star performance at Hee Haw.  Brazos had fun playing with his cousin, Braygen, which is my cousin LyNae's son.  It was a relaxing afternoon.

Uncle Chris' new dog...not named yet, but oh so cute

Nick swimming

Brodie swimming

Braygen and Brazos playing in the dirt

The dirt kept him occuppied all afternoon

Then on Sunday, we started the day off with Matt opening his present.  Brazos gave him some new work pants, a fishing shirt for his upcoming fishing trip, and some Dolce Gabbana cologne.  I don't have the sence of smell, so that ladies at the store picked it out for me.  We then went to church (of course we were late like usual).  My daddy didn't make it to church because he was tired from work the previous day...I guess a 16 hour work day will do that to you.  So I didn't get to see my daddy, but we did talk on the phone. 

Father and son walking to church

At 6:00 we met Matt's family in College Station at Fish Daddy's for a great dinner.  This was the first time we ordered Brazos his own plate and he ate like a king!  He ate a whole piece of fried catfish and bunches and bunches of french fries.  He even had an appetizer of a box of raisins.

Matt and his dad

On the drive back home Brazos was sound asleep.  I was hoping he would stay asleep even when we got home, but NO, he and I had to stay up until 11:30!  And this morning he was wide awake at 8:00!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I have had Brazos' b-day present at my parents house for months now. If you ever happen to go to the skating rink will you help remind my mom to give it to you?!?!?! Sorry I'm so late!


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