Saturday, June 25, 2011

Outside Play Time

Brazos always wants to play outside.  One of his favorite activities to do is collect rocks from the flower bed and drive way.  He finds any container he can to put his rocks in.  Sometimes it's our dog, Sadie's, food bowl.  Other times it's his sandbox toys, buckets, and dump truck.  He also loves to pick up sand and let it slip through his fingers. 

It was so sweet one day last week when he organized all his toys on the rocks around a tree.  Then he climbed up and sat down right next them.  I know it looks like he could just back up and sit on the rocks, but he has to do it the hard way.  He crawls up on the rocks, turns around, then sits down, with his little legs getting all twisted along the way. 

Our dog Sadie is so patient and gentle with Brazos, which is amazing because he's quite the opposite with her.  He means to show her love, but it's tough love.  His pats are more like bangs.  His hugs are more like squeezes and pinches.  And just when Sadie lays down to rest, she gets a nice greeting of someone stepping on her feet and tail. 

Brazos loves to run from Sadie even if she's not chasing him.  He'll walk up to her and then turn and run hoping she's following.  Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't.

Brazos also loves to play with Sadie's dog bowl.  The little pebbles of food fascinate him and I think he's fond of the taste, too!  Occassionaly Brazos will feed her one pebble at a time, but more often than not, he's dumpping all her food out on the ground, if not all at once, it's one handful at a time.  Sadie doesn't care.  She just goes and eats it where ever it falls.

I think Sadie is one of Brazos' best friends...just the way a dog should be.

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