Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girl Scout Family Picnic

This past Tuesday a few of the families from my Girl Scout troop met at Hohlt Park for a picnic.  The kids had a great time playing volleyball and feeding the ducks. 

The ducks were super excited to see the kids and they loved the bread.  There was a whole lot of quacking going on!  And did you know geese have teeth!?  You're better off throwing the bread to them instead of trying to hand feed.  There were a few bitten fingers that afternoon.

One moment I won't forget is when Elena was feeding the ducks a piece of pizza.  She held out a whole piece of pizza and before she knew it a goose came up and grabbed the whole piece out of her hands.  I asked her, "Why didn't you tear it into pieces?"  Her response was, "I thought he would just nibble off a piece and share with the other!"

Brazos and his daddy playing at the park

The ducks rushed to the kids as soon as they saw the bread!

Kelsey feeding the ducks

Elena feeding the ducks

Cierra feeding the ducks

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