Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Welcome to the World, Sandy!

My Dearest Sandy,

     The day you were born was a perfect day!  Your dad, brother, and I went to the hospital around 4:30 in the morning.  Grandma Cindy met us there to take care of Brazos while your dad and I prepared for your birth.  We changed into our hospital outfits and talked to the nurses about how the c-section was going be carried out.  I was in such a great mood because I knew I would meet you in a few hours.  I was very excited to find out if you were a boy or a girl, but I had a "mommy-feeling" that a little girl was curled up inside of me. 

Arriving at the hospital

       My mood changed after the nurses put the catheter in and I cried in private, but whenever a nurse walked in I tried to act calm.  It was then time to walk to the operating room and I perked up once again when I saw my cousin LyNae standing in the room.  She helped me up onto the table for my spinal tap shot and once that was given I told the anestesiologist and the nurses, "The world is good again."  They all let out a few giggles.  Within minutes Dr.Bode walked into the room and it was time to begin!

     It all happened so fast!  Daddy was sitting by my side when you were born.  The anastesiologist was first to say, "It's a girl!  She's a little one!"  I think Daddy stood up to see you and I remember saying, "No way!  Are you for real?"  {You see, you are the first grand-daughter born in the family and many people were thinking we had a slim chance in having a girl.  But my "mommy-feeling" was right!}  I looked over at Daddy and LyNae and even though their mouths were covered with masks, by the look in their eyes I knew huge smiles were hiding under there. 

Daddy holding your hand

     Daddy walked out with you while they finished Mommy's surgery and cleaned you up.  Daddy had the honor of introducing you to the family members that were at the hospital to meet you.  He was holding you up so they could see you through the window.  You were wrapped in a blanket so they couldn't tell if you were a boy or girl and they were getting very anxious.  Your dad tried talking through the window, and then the nurse informed him that he could use the intercom for them to hear.  He then introduced you as Sandy Samantha Supak - his daughter.

     A few minutes later they brought you back in the operating room so I could see you and you were beautiful right from the start!  The nurses then took us all back to the recovery room and we could begin forming our mother-daughter relationship.

I loved kissing your forehead.  It felt like kissing a peach!

     Our three days in the hospital were great.  Each night Daddy slept on the fold out couch in the room and you slept in your basinet next to my bed.  You had many visitors whom brought you presents and held you for the first time.  Brazos was excited to hold you, but he wasn't too happy with me and Daddy for leaving him for three days.

     When we brought you home, Brazos sat on one side of you and I sat on the other side on the car ride home.  Grandma Cindy had surprised us with a sign on the fence that read, "Welcome Home Miss Sandy."  I was super excited to show you your room because I worked hard and put lots of love in preparing your special space.

     You are one of God's precious children, and I'm so glad that he chose me to be your mommy and you to be my daughter.   You are a great addition to our family!

                                                                                                  Love always,


  1. Awe, I love this! What a sweet story and baby girl!

  2. Well Miss. Sandy...I'm soooo PROUD to be your Aunt, along with your brother of course!! I love both of you so much...never knew I could love another child as much as I love your cousin's Cody and Cullen! I can't wait to watch you grow and see what amazing things you will accomplish in your life!! You have joined a wonderful family and you will always have us there when you need us...Aunt Kristin is always just a phone call away!! I'm am so glad that God chose you to be a part of our family and chose me and your Uncle Corey to be apart of your life!! XOXOXOX!!


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