Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sandy's Baptism

Dear Sandy,

     Your baptism day was a wonderful day!  {I think every letter may begin with what a wonderful day it was, but every day I have with you is truly wonderful.}  I put a lot of thought into all the details to carry out your special day.

     I first had to decide on what you were going to wear during your baptismal ceremony.  When you were first born and we were still at the hospital, I remember telling my Grandma Neumann that I was excited to have a daughter and that I may try sewing her a baptism dress.  Grandma Neumann looked at me and said, "Well, I still have your baptism dress.  Why doesn't she wear that?"  A few weeks before your big day I went over to Grandma Neumann's house and she pulled out my baptism dress from the cedar chest and I knew right then that you would wear this dress and you would be beautiful in it.  And to make it even more special, my mom had sewn the dress for me and her heart was touched to see her grand-daughter wear the dress she had made 29 years ago.

     Now the dress wasn't complete without a headpiece.  I had worn a bonnet, but I wanted to update your look just a tad, so I found the perfect bow on Etsy.  When you wore your dress and bow you were gorgeous and I know God was smiling and telling Himself, "Gosh, I did a good job when I created that child!"  And now you would be officially joining His church family on April 22, 2012!  It was time to send out the invitations that I had created for you.

     Mommy and Daddy made sure we arrived to church on time that Sunday {usually we are about 5 minutes late every Sunday}.  As soon as we entered the church doors your Great-Grandma Lyles was already there and she greeted us all with a huge smile and hugs and kisses.  She followed you around like she was attending to a princess.  It was the sweetest!  Daddy and Brazos stood at the door and greeted congregation members while Grandma Lyles and I dressed you.

     When I held you in my arms with your baptism gown on I felt like I was the mother-of-the-bride, especially when I walked you down the middle aisle to take our seats on the front pew.  Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all joined us in the first few pews.  Great-Grandma Lyles sat next to you and she could hardly take her eyes off of you during the entire service.

     The church service rocked!  Mommy had picked all her favorite songs for the worship team to play, especially songs that required the drums.  Pastor Bade was the preacher and he performed your baptismal ceremony.  Mommy, Daddy, you, and your godparents all gathered around the baptismal font during the middle of the church service.   Pastor Bade dipped the special-made bowl Mommy and Daddy had gotten for you in the baptimal font and washed your head with holy water.  Daddy was holding you during this special time.  You were awesome and didn't cry at all. 

Baptismal bowl purchased by
Clarey Clay Works on Etsy
Our gift to Sandy

     Your godparents promised to help guide you in the Christian faith and to pray for you all the days of your life.  We chose these people because we know that you will be able to look up to them and look to them for guidance.  Your godparents are Uncle Justin, Uncle Corey, Aunt Kristin, and Stephanie.

     After the church ceremony Mommy had baked sugar cookies for all the congregation to enjoy.  They must have liked them because they licked the plate clean!  Not one cookie was left for us to take home.

     Now it was time to party!  Family and friends came over to our house for a lunch celebration.  Mommy loved putting all the decorations together in the garage.  I used some of my favorite fabric, doilies made by my dear neighbor from my college days, angel figurines that I had collected over the years, and mason jars with hand-tied ribbon.  I even baked your cake and made your cupcakes, and I must say they turned out fantabulous!  You wore an outfit that I had found at Herman General Store and just couldn't pass up.  It was a zebra onesie with a pink cross appliqued on the front and a pink tutu to top it off. 

Royal cupcakes for a "Child of the King"

Royal cookies purchased from
JustCrumbs on Etsy

     The afternoon was spent eating delicious bar-b-que baked potatoes that Daddy had made, talking with friends and family, and opening your baptism gifts.  You recieved your first Bible, a purse to carry your Bible to Sunday school one day, your first pink pearl bracelet, along with other memorable items.

A good-bye kiss from your great-grandma

     Like I said earlier, the day was wonderful and I know God's love entered everyone's heart on that day, especially yours.  Your daddy and I will try our best to pass on stories from the Bible, teach you God's commandments, and be examples of God's love for you to follow.  Just remember that on your baptism day you joined God's team and He will never trade you for another. 

                                                                                    Peace be with you always,

Child of the King

To those who believe in Him, He gave them the right to become children
of God, not born by human decision, but born of God.  John 1:12-13


  1. Oh so wonderful!!

  2. Very sweet! I love that she wore your dress.

    BTW - you have been on a blog roll lately, I am envious! Also, I have a gift for sweet Sandy. Will have to be sure to bring on on my next trip to Brenham. I can't wait to meet her!

  3. Dear Sandy,
    I am truly honored to have been chosen to be you God Mother! I only hope that I cqn meet the expectations u may have for me as u grow! I do know that I love you and I am always here when you need me! I do not have the joy of having a daughter of my be patient with me if I seem to be a little attached!! Just know that I will be here to cheer u on and support you in whatever it is you may do in your life, and no matter what choices you make, good or bad, I will always love you!! May God bless you and keep you!! Always be a strong, smart and independent woman and do thongs in life that make you yourself always come first, until you have kids of your own!! Hahaha!! I love you! XOXOXOX


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