Monday, May 14, 2012

Cullen's First Birthday

Dear Cullen,

     Happy First Birthday!  It was just a year ago that Aunt Amy and I threw your mommy and brother a "Big Brother" party to prepare for your arrival, and now it's already your first birthday!  My how time flies!  You have grown into a handsome little fellow with big blue eyes and gorgeous blond hair.

Birthday Boy Cullen

     Your first birthday party was a great event!  Your mommy and daddy worked hard preparing for your big day and all their hard work paid off.  Everyone had a blast celebrating with you!  Cody and his older friends played on the slip and slide while you and Brazos enjoyed pushing trucks and tractors around.  You were a hoot walking around in "bear-crawl" style.

Cody and Tylenn stuck in the mud

Brazos and Cullen playing with tractors

The awesome bear-crawl

     Your dad and Popo bar-b-qued pork chops for everyone and Nana made her special potato salad and spinach salad.  Then it was time for cake!  Your mom and one of her friends made you two very cute cakes that looked like Cookie Monster.  After we sang "Happy Birthday" to you, you dove right in.  I think you loved every bite by the look of the blue icing spread all over your face.  Your cousin Brazos really liked the cake, too.  That was his favorite part of the day!

Nana and Sandy

Popo making bar-b-qued pork chops

Cookie Monster Cookie Cake...yom yom yom yom!

Singing Happy Birthday with your Cookie Monster cake
Enjoying cake and blue icing

     Next you opened all your presents.  Your mom, Aunt Kay, and Brazos all helped you tear into your gifts.  You recieved some really cool toys - a tricycle, a Lighting McQueen rider, and toys with lots of buttons and lights.  You even got some clothes and Cookie Monster shoes so you can start your new year stylin'. 

Your mommy and Brazos helping you open presents

On his new tricycle

     Your first birthday was amazing and I hope that one day you can look back on all the photos we took of you and know that you have been loved right from the start.  We are all excited to watch you continue grow into a terrific toddler, a cool kid, a smart teenager, and a handsome man.  The world is your's to explore!

                                                                                          Lots of love,
                                                                                          Aunt Bobbi Jo

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  1. Awww!! Thank u Bobbi Jo!! U have brought tears to my eyes!! Cullen is truly blessed to have u as a God Mother and Aunt!! One of these days I will get one of these things started and be able to share my thoughts about my niece and nephew and my wonderful boys!! I love and am truly glad to hqve u as a sister n law!! :-)


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