Thursday, May 10, 2012

Once Upon a Roar!

Dear Brazos,

     I have really loved watching all the phases you have gone through during your playtime.  You have become quite the independent little man and don't mind playing by yourself.  As a child I enjoyed playing by myself, too and it's neat to see you enjoy it as well.  At times I catch myself at a stand still just watching you play and wondering what your little mind is thinking.

     When you were about 18 months old you played with your dinosaurs every day.  You would unpack each dinosaur and stand each one up.  Then you would repack them in their carrying case and start all over.  Sometimes you would take out the dinosaur flashcards and stack one dinosaur on each card as if you knew exactly which dinosaur matched each card.  You also enjoyed standing your dinosaurs in the window sill because it was the perfect platform at your height.

     I had just gotten a new camera during this play phase so I practiced shooting pictures of you and your dinosaurs.  The pictures may seem insignificant to others, but I know that every dinosaur, every tree, and every rock was thoughtfully placed with your tiny hand.  Roar!

                                                                                              I love you,

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  1. Awww...I always knew we would have something in common Brazos!! I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid and could tell u the name of everyone of them!! I used to love going to the museum whenbthey would have dinosaur exibits and being able to touch them and seem them in action!! To this day I still love the movie Jarrasic Park and The Land before Time!! When u get older u need to come to ur Aunt Kristin's house and we will have a Jurassic Park Marathon and eat popcorn and ice cream!! I guess I will have to start u a collection of the land before time movies so u can watch them and learn from them!! I love u!!

    Aunt Kristin


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