Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh my blog! How I've missed you!

Oh my blog!  How I've missed you!

Well, I haven't missed you tremendesly because you do take up my time and without you I have more time for other things.  But I was talking to a friend and was asking her how she stores her printed photos, and she said that she doesn't print them.  She said that her blog is her family scrapbook.  Which I like the idea of using the blog as a scrapbook because you can print your blog into a book, and maybe one day my children will enjoy reading something created by mommy.  So I'm back!

The past three months have been filled with watching this little girl grow.

Sandy Samantha was born on January 24, 2012!
One Month Old...she started cooing!

Two Months Old
I could talk to her and she smiled...or smirked!

Three Months Old...her smile got bigger!
She began talking!

With this little lady around there hasn't been much time for blogging, cooking, crafting, etc.  She really likes to be around her mommy and prefers to be carried around everywhere!  The past two weeks she's decided that she can lie around by herself as long as she's being entertained by her brother or overhead toys.

Brazos has enjoyed having his little sister around.  He first began calling her "Mine."  Now he just calls her "Baby."  He often wants to hold her or hold her bottle for her.  When she's upset he'll say, "Baby crying."  And a few times he's tried to help sooth her by dumping powder formula in her mouth or sticking his fingers in her mouth when he can't find her pacifier.  He'll also trying giving her a toy car to make her feel better.  And when she's crying in the carseat next to her, he just sits and listens.  He is the sweetest big brother.

If the internet acts right (we're now trying the Wi-Fi hotspot instead of the LaptopConnect) then I'll update you on all the adventures we've had these past few months.  But my little ones are awake so it's time to become Mommy and put the computer away.  Write to you later!

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