Monday, May 14, 2012

Do they look alike or not?

Lots of people have been telling me how much Sandy resembles her brother.  Sometimes I see the likeness and other times I don't notice it.  But I found a few pictures and you can decide for yourself if they look alike or not.  I wonder what you're going to say...well, I have a good idea.



  1. I never noticed how much they look so used to seeing Brazos with his curls, I forgot what he looked like as a baby!! The thing I have learned the most about having two kids is that people spend so much time focuwing on how much they are alike they dont noticed the differences. Cody is shy and quiet like his daddy and has his mommas temper! Cullen is bubbly and outgoing like me and talks alot like me and has no paitients and is very demanding like his dad. Cody takes anlittle bit to warm up, but once he does there is no atopping him!! They both are loving and affectionet like me and are quick to try to make u feel better when u r hurt or feeling down. They are alike but yet are sooo different! I belive Cody is going to be our fireman in the family...he loves to burn trash and make sure that all brush piles are contained when they are burning and Cullen is our food carnisaur...I think he will be a famous chef one day...he seems to have a pasaion for all kinds of food!! I love Brazos' personality and his precious smile... And Sandy is my little princess and as a princess should be she is spoiled already!! Guess those are some of the perks of being the only grand daughter/niece in the family!! I cant wait to see what she is going to be like qhen ahe gets a little bigger!!

  2. That last one did me in. They look a lot alike. It will be neat to see what happens in time.

  3. OMG Bobbi Jo, I have thought they looked alike since I saw the first pictures of sweet Sandy posted on FB!!! I guess its harder to see when you are with them everyday and see their distinct personalities.

    BTW - I LOVE the last picture of them with their arms behind their heads! Too cute!


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