Monday, March 14, 2011

Emma's Birthday Party

On Saturday, Brazos had the honor of attending his friend, Emma's birthday party.  It was at Davidson Creek Park in Caldwell.  You knew where the party was because Emma's mom made an adorable banner that hung between two trees.  The party was a Minnie Mouse theme, and there were Minnie Mouse table clothes and balloons blowing the wind. 

The kids had a great time playing on the playground.  Brazos slid down a slide for the first time and loved it!  He didn't care for the merry-go-round or the swings.

While we were playing, Emma's dad showed up with the food...mouth-watering sausage and hot dog wraps.  And Emma's grandma brought the most delicious bread and butter pickles.  I could have eaten an entire jar of pickles!  Brazos was being very picky at first, but after his first bite of ice cream and cake, I could sneak a bite of hot dog into his little mouth.  After eating, we sang "Happy Birthday" and Emma blew out her number two candle that topped a beautiful Minnie Mouse cake, also made by her grandma.

Emma recieved lots of great girly presents and she wanted to share them all with Brazos.  She would open a gift and then run and give it to Brazos.  He didn't mind getting toys to play with!  It was sweet.

There was some tension between the two kids at times.  Emma, the loving spirit in her, wanted to hug Brazos several times.  Brazos thought once was enough.  She also wanted to hold his bottle for him, but he wanted to be Mr. Independent.  He spent most of his time crawling on and off the ledge of the pavillion while she ran amongst her friends.

It was a great day...Happy 2nd Birthday, Emma!  I hope we get to celebrate many more with you.

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