Sunday, March 27, 2011


The other day I was wondering Where did all the old stuff go?

Well, I found the old stuff!  It's all at Warrenton, Texas. 

The largest antique sale is currently underway in this small town.  I think this festival actually started out as an antique sale, but now you can find almost anything from antiques, to crafts, to garage sale items, and don't forget the delicious food!

I went searching for an old chair to refinish, because I thought that would be a good way to use two of my favorite things - paint and fabric.  There were thousands of chairs to choose from, but I didn't purchase any.  I only wanted to pay $5, but the cheapest chair I found was $15.

I also wanted to find an old bench, because I have a super cute idea on how to paint a bench for Brazos.  But I didn't buy a bench either.  There were lots of benches, but none in the exact form I was looking for.

Matt went looking for a cast iron pot.  He found many, but purchased none.  When we got home we checked the attic and found one up there!  Good thing he saved his money.

This year Matt and I noticed all the cowboy boots for sale.  They may have been there before, we just never noticed them.  Well, Matt decided he wanted a pair of cowboy boots.  He tried on several pairs and found two pairs he liked.  The first pair he bought for $38, which he thought was a great deal.  Then he became disappointed when he found a different pair he liked better further down the road.  He bought that pair also, but this time for $65.  When we got home, he checked original prices of these boots on the Internet.  Originally his boots would have cost him about $130 for each pair.  So he didn't do too bad.  Although in the back of our minds, we think the venders probably bought each pair at a garage sale for about $5.  Oh well.

Matt's parents work at this festival every year, so we also took some time to visit with them.  His dad owns an antique corn grinder and makes fresh cornmeal on the grounds for people to buy.  His mom works for a lady who sells antique jewelry and luxury anitique furniture.  You have to be super rich to by the items she's selling!

Many of my great-relatives lived in Warrenton during their lifetimes.  My great-grandmother's house is no longer standing and is currently replaced by booths of antiques.  My great-great-aunt rented a home in Warrenton that is still standing.  It is a gorgeous stone mansion.  I was able to walk in and tour the home because it was open and filled with antique venders.  You'll see a picture of the home as you scroll down.  The second story of the home is a ballroom with a beautiful painted ceiling.  Apparently someone shot themselves in this room and blood stains still remain, but I didn't go looking for that.  But there is a neat foundation of some sort standing in front of the house, and I took a picture of Matt and Brazos resting in this area.

Brazos slept during most of our stroll through the junk.

Here's pictures of just a few items you will find at the festival.  And no, not all the items are girly things.  My eye just seems to gravitate towards all the bright and pretty items.  Enjoy junk window shopping!

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