Friday, March 18, 2011

Wave, Walk, Tell, Screw, Lick

Today wasn't a very eventful day, but Brazos kept us entertained.

  • Brazos and I were outside when Matt arrived home from work.  As Matt's truck drove up the driveway, Brazos began to wave.  When Brazos waves, it looks more like he's waving at himself.  It's a backwards wave.  It was cute to watch because although he was waving at his daddy; it looked more like he was directing his daddy to keep on coming down the driveway.
  • Lots of walking was going on this afternoon.  Matt would sit on one couch and I on the other.  Brazos had a ball walking back and forth between us.  He would get so excited and shake his hands so hard that he would lose his balance.  But he's a tough boy.  When he falls he always gets back up to try again.

  • I couldn't figure out what Brazos wanted when he was fussing.  I gave him a bottle; he gave it back.  I gave him a cracker; he gave it back.  Then he crawled over to his diaper bag and pulled out his dried apple snacks.  I was shocked when he carried it over to me.  I guess that's what he wanted!
  • Brazos will not drink water from his bottle.  It can only come from Ozarka bottled water.  I unscrewed the lid to give him a drink.  After a few gulps, he took the lid from my hands and screwed it back onto the bottle!!!
  • We don't know why, but while daddy was watching t.v. Brazos decided to crawl over and lick daddy's legs.  Just one lick wasn't enough.  He needed about three or four.  Daddy must taste good.

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