Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day...Then and Now

Boy oh boy!  It's amazing how much a baby grows in just a year.  Here's just a quick look at Brazos last St. Patrick's Day and this St. Patrick's Day.  Last year he went with mommy to a doctor's visit with his green stocking and mittens.  This year mommy and daddy took him to "Movie in the Park" dressed in his green and black striped outfit.  He did not want to sit and watch the movie, so mommy and daddy took turns walking with him as he pushed his stroller around.  He'll be good help one day. ;)

A year ago this carrier looked way too big for him.  Now he doesn't even fit into this carrier any more.  Then, we had to carry out little man every where.  Now he rather be on his own.

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