Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Trees

When Matt and I first got married, our neighbor gave us five fruit trees as a wedding gift.  We thought it was  a bit strange, but we were excited to have some homegrown fruit.  As the years passed, we learned that fruit is not produced the first few years in a tree's life.  We also learned that fruit trees have a strange shape to them.  Eventually we lost three of the trees, but two still survive today.  Matt has commented many times that he wouldn't mind just chopping the trees down, but I usually tell him "No."  It's not that I'm real fond of these trees.  It's just that once a year they grow the most beautiful flowers right before spring begins.  So these two trees are still in the ground, and will be, as long as I can enjoy their short lived flowers once a year.

I also have a two rose bushes planted in the yard.  Rose bushes aren't the most eye appealing plant either, except for when they have roses.  These two plants would also be chopped down, but their seasonal blooms keep them surviving.  Only one rose bush has started to bloom this year.


  1. I thought my peach trees were dead, until I saw the beautiful blooms the other day!

  2. Pretty shots! I hate our peach trees most of the time, except for when they have peaches hanging on them and when they have those pretty flowers on them :)


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