Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Matt's Birthday

Twenty-eight years ago Patsy Supak cried because she brought another BOY into this world.  She was so hoping for a girl this time.  Lucky me, it was my husband Matt!  I'm so glad he wasn't a girl!

Every morning Matt's alarm clock goes off at 5:25.  So this morning was no different.  He slowly crawled out of bed to get ready for his work day while Brazos and I stayed sleeping in our cozy beds.  After he had left I had realized that it was really insincere of me to stay in bed on his birthday.  The night before I had told myself that I was going to wake up early to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I guess good intentions don't count.  I couldn't believe I didn't even tell him Happy Birthday!

Brazos and I had to do something so he knew we didn't forget his birthday.  Afterall, I did have it written really big on the calendar.

I thought about going to the store and buying him a really nice card or a shirt, but Matt's one of those rare people that could go through life without owning many things and be content.  So we didn't buy him anything.  Instead, we had a blank notecard at home and we made him a birthday card.  I traced Brazos' hand on the inside and then let Brazos color the picture.  It was precious!

When Matt arrived home, Brazos walked outside to greet Matt.  In his hand was an envelope addressed to "Daddy".  The moment was priceless to watch our little man take steps towards his daddy to give him the card he had made.  Matt loved the card!

At six o'clock we went to church for dinner and the Lent service.  At dinner my mom surprised Matt with an ice cream cake!  The guests sang "Happy Birthday" to him and Christine (the pastor's daughter, her birthday is tomorrow).  They then blew out the candles together.  (I knew my mommy was going to surprise him with a cake.  He figured it out to when the pastor's wife handed my mom a few candles right in front of him!)

After church we went to Matt's parents' home and they, too wished their youngest son a happy birthday. 

Although we may have forgotten to say something early this morning, by the end of the day Matt knew he was loved by all and had a fantastic birthday!

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  1. That's so sweet....and I laughed out loud when I read the first paragraph about his mom crying because she had another boy! :)


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