Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Triple Infection

About one week ago Brazos had a runny nose.
About five days ago that runny nose turned into a boogery nose.
About three days ago those boogers seemed to be coming out of his eyes!

Matt and I thought it was just allergies, but when Brazos woke up on Monday morning with swollen eyes I decided to call the doctor.  I had talked to a nurse and she said that his symptoms sounded more like an eye infection.  This was all new to me because my twelve month old boy had never had an infection.

As the day continued, Brazos and I were graced by the presence of a good friend from high school, Larkin.  She was on Spring Break from school and needed something to do, so she came to visit some Brenham friends.

At 2:20 it was time for the doctor's visit.  To my surprise and gratefulness, we did not have to wait long in the waiting room.  Have you ever had to sit in a waiting room with a little boy who hates to be held and does not like to sit still?  Waiting for a doctor while trying to keep a small child entertained seems to take hours even though it may only be twenty minutes. 

When Dr.Hussman walked in he automatically knew Brazos had an eye and sinus infection from the goop coming out of both.  He then checked Brazos' ears to see if he had an ear infection.  This is where the doctor's visit turned into the visit from #@*&! 

Dr.Hussman tried to scratch the wax out of Brazos ear, but he couldn't get it all.  So a nurse came in and told me to undress Brazos and hold him down on the table.  Automatically, I thought "Oh, great!  This little boy hates to lay on his back!"  Not to my astonishment, Brazos squirmed, cried, and screamed while she tried washing his ear.  An extra nurse even came in to help me hold Brazos down.  It was awful to see his little body turn so red and shake from all the crying and screaming. 

In the end, it was confirmed that Brazos also had an ear infection.  Triple infections!  Each with their own medicine - eye drops, ear drops, and omoxycillon.  Every morning and night for ten days I will be wrestling Brazos trying to administer his medicine.

Before I had kids, I would see sick children and become distracted by their icky noses or crusty faces.  But with Brazos I seem to look past all the crustiness, and all I see is my beautiful baby boy.


  1. Poor Brazos! Those infections are crazy like that - with sinus and ears and eyes all so close, that happens a lot where everything is infected at the same time. Now hopefully the antibiotics don't give him bad diarrhea, because that will cause horrible diaper rash. Supposedly, the good bacteria that keeps them from getting diaper rash is not there because the antibiotic kills both the bad and good bacteria - It's a never ending battle! :) Take care!

  2. Poor baby! Danica has allergies right now too! I hope he feels better and the meds kick in quickly!!


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