Monday, March 28, 2011

Hafner-Williams Wedding

On Saturday, March 26, 2011 at four o'clock in the afternoon, Lindsey Hafner and Joe Williams vowed to love and cherish one another in marriage.  The wedding day was absolutely beautiful!

As guest arrived at the wedding, they were greated by a whimsical pink bicycle with an arrow pointing to the destination.  (I so wish I had a picture of that bicycle.)  The long dirt driveway was lined by a handmade banner guiding you further along to the one hundred eleven year old Welcome Hall.

Guest were greeted by cookies and lemonade underneath a large oak tree.  Friends of the bride were also passing out handmade programs, hankies for tears of joy, and windmills to entertain the children. 

The ceremony was outside in the beauty of God's country.  The groomsmen and groom, dressed in grey suits with pink ties, quietly stood at the front of the seating, awaiting the arrival of the bride.  The bridesmaids wore black, knee-length dresses and carried a bouqet of pink flowers.  The guests stood as the bride walked out of the hall arm-in-arm with her father, of course, with tears trickling down her face.  She wore a strapless, off-white lace gown that looked perfect on her.  Scriptures from the Bible were read, rings were exchanged, and Joe loudy professed his love to Lindsey with an "I DO!"  Guests joined in excitement as the minister pronounced them husband and wife by throwing rose petals into the air.

After the ceremony, guests were served Aggie Juice (a mixture of wine and vodka) in Mason jars, along with other drink selections, and ushered into the hall for toasts given by the couples honor attendants.  They then shared their first dance as husband and wife.

The bride's wedding cake was a simple two-teired vanilla cake adorned with pink flowers.  It was surrounded by a multitude of tiny cupcakes in various flavors.  The groom opted out of the traditional chocolate cake and shared a slice of bumbleberry pie with guests.  Delicious!

Outside the hall underneath a pavillion, a fajita dinner was being served.  It too was yummy!  We definitely enjoyed sitting and visiting with friends - Kate and Garner, Larkin, Joanna and Brian - outside under the clear blue sky.  Brazos' favorite part of the meal was the lemonade that he drank from a cup by himself, which eventually was poured all over his white shirt.  Later he even enjoyed sneaking a cupcake from the table hoping mommy and daddy wouldn't catch him, but we caught him just in time to snap a picture.

At sunset the dance began with the traditional Grand March.  Couples followed the bride and groom as they marched throughout the hall and grounds to polka music.  The march ended with guests lined up for a soul train!  Laughter was shared as each person danced down the middle of the hall showing off their best moves.  The night continued with two-stepping, line dances, and just-get-up-and-boogie music.

When Brazos began to show signs of sleepiness, we decided it was time to call it a night.  The song "I Like Big Butts" happen to be playing when we walked out, and when we turned the radio on in the car the exact same song was playing!  I thought to myself, Did the Hafners broadcast the wedding on the radio?  No way!  Well, it just happened to be a coincidence.

As we drove off, looking back at the hall was magical.  This old hall that is almost always vacant was full of life.  Strobe lights shone through the opened windows and twinkling lights shining in the trees.  The first day of the Lindsey and Joe Williams life together was perfect!  May they live happily ever after...




  1. We drove by the hall when all the festivities were going on! I saw the bicycle and LOVED it too!

  2. What a great post!! You are really good at this blogging thing! Also that is hilarious that the same song was playing in the car...haha...What a fun night. Love the pictures. Keep up the blogging...makes the workday a little more pleasant to have something fun and thoughtful to read. :)

  3. Bobbi Jo - you should definitely write the bridal columns in the newspaper...I felt like I was there just reading it! And I'm SO jealous that you got to take pictures at this totally adorable wedding...I loved all the was like vintage/farmhouse/chic or something. Oh and one of the ladies at the lemonade table is one of Addyson's teachers at St Pauls - Ms Stacey! :) Small world


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