Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning How to Sit

Brazos has been walking behind and pushing things all around the house for a while now.  He loves to push chairs across the floor and walk behind his walker.  I recently read that at his age I should remove all walkers to ween him off of depending on them for mobility. 

A few days ago I converted his walker into a ride-on car.  Just today he learned how to hike that little leg up and throw it over the car to sit on it.  He hasn't learn to push the car with his legs while sitting, but learning happens one step at a time.  It was a joy to watch him hop on and off the car for several minutes.

Later, I put his Rocking Tigger in his path to see if he would try to sit on it as well.  He did!  For several minutes agian, he climbed on and off the tigger.  (You may have seen pictures of him on his Tigger before, but we had to lift him onto the Tigger.)

When the weather warmed, we went outside and I let him push around his new Thomas the Train, which he recieved for his birthday from the dear Mrs.Dahmann.  He didn't realize that he could sit on it, but I think that is because the seat can be opened to store balls, and he was more fascinated with opening the seat to see the balls hidden inside.

After becoming board with Thomas, we took out his dump truck given to him by his Nana for his birthday.  He quickly realized that he could sit on it.  So once again, he spent several minutes climbing on and off if his dump truck.

My little boy is learning new things every day!   Here's one more trick he learned today...how to put a bucket on his head and take it off.

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